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Tips For Your Wellbeing From Our Gardening Project

For World Mental Health Day 2019, Stuart Low Trust Participants came up with a…Read more

Wellbeing Over The Winter Season 2019-2020

Wellbeing Over The Winter Season 2019-2020 For the Winter season, Stuart Low Trust Participants…Read more

Tips for Managing Anxiety

Stuart Low Trust Participants came up with some tips and advice for managing anxiety.…Read more

Mental Health Crisis Support

Useful list of places where help is available if you or someone you know…Read more

Be informed – Coronavirus (Covid-19).

In recent days, the NHS advice around coronavirus has changed. Stay at home to stop coronavirus spreading…Read more

Services during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

A number of organisations are modifying the ways that they work to support the…Read more

Looking after your physical health

It’s really important to look after your physical health during social distancing.   Looking after…Read more

Specific health conditions and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

There are certain health conditions that make people more at risk from Coronavirus (COVID-19).…Read more

Virtual Art Programmes

Virtual Arts Visits Stuart Low Trust organise regular group outings and visits to places of artistic…Read more

Virtual Nature Programmes

Virtual Nature Visits Enjoy nature whilst social distancing with these virtual visits to natural places.…Read more

Maintaining your mental health and wellbeing

UK Government Resources These guides provides advice on how to look after your mental…Read more

Home grown: growing and enjoying nature at home

Enjoying nature at home As the weather changes we may want to spend more…Read more