Volunteering Manifesto

Stuart Low Trust is a community based charitable organisation.  A tremendous amount of support is already given by volunteers & trustees to deliver events and services.  As the event calendar grows, so will its need for talented, motivated and interested volunteers.  The office could also benefit from volunteers in administration.

A current estimation is that the SLT enjoys 5,500 hours of volunteer time per year.  At £12 per hour, in monetary terms, this would be a value of £66,000 per annum.


Stuart Low Trust offers excellent opportunities to gain experience in the mental health, care, and event fields.  The SLT office roles offer excellent learning and experience in running a charity and what makes it tick.  SLT is marketing itself to relevant opportunity for volunteering, for volunteer development plus to galvanise an appropriate amount of support to provide SLT activities.  It is imperative for SLT to constantly consider how to attract and support new populations of volunteers, in all their diversity.

Publicity and Advertising

SLT writes clear descriptions for each volunteering role available, with time commitments (max and min), benefits for the volunteer, and support for SLT.  These roles are also published on SLT’s website.

SLT Volunteering roles may include:

  • Friday evening volunteer – Meet & Greet / Food prep/Food serving/Shopping
  • Wellbeing Workshop volunteer – support the activity mainly held on Saturdays
  • Arts or Nature Visit volunteer – supporting the visit/assisting with teas
  • Office Fundraising Intern – alongside SLT’s Development Manager
  • Office co-ordinating Intern – with SLT’s Operations & Communications Manager
  • Office Media Intern – with SLT’S Operations & Communications Manager

Publicity may include:

External adverts: volunteerteamlondon.gov.uk; do-it.org; greaterlondonvolunteering.org.uk; vai.org.uk; ncvo.org.uk; charityjob.co.uk; volunteercentrecamden.org.uk; vchackney.org et al.

Student volunteering: website and fairs: http://uclu.org/services/volunteering-at-uclu, London Metropolitan University, City University et al.

Regular SLT ‘Open Days: Get to know SLT’ to understand SLT from a Volunteering perspective and how they may benefit from volunteering.

Hillside Clubhouse encourage their participants to gain volunteering experience and take part in SLT’s robust volunteering programme.

Application & Informal Interview

SLT has a uniform application form and equal opportunities form.

Interested prospective volunteers will be invited to an informal, short interview with SLT’s Volunteer Coordinator and Operations & Communications Manager, to discuss which roles most interest the volunteer. A DBS check may also be required depending on the role, please check with SLT’s CEO.  It is important for SLT to be mindful as to teach volunteer’s hopes and aspirations and what they hope to gain from the experience of volunteering at SLT.

SLT can support volunteers to complete their application form. This can be undertaken on the day of their interview.

Volunteer Management/Co-ordination

SLT holds an electronic Database/Spreadsheet of volunteers, including contact info, roles they will volunteer in and emergency contact details. This database/spreadsheet is held securely in accordance with GDPR regulations.

Frida evening event volunteer rota is managed by SLT’s Operations & Communications Manager.  SLT’s Volunteer Coordinator supports volunteers at the Friday evening events.

Volunteer Communication

SLT volunteers receive regular e-newsletters for information and to offer other volunteering opportunities e.g. Angel Canal festival stall or afternoon tea sales.

Volunteer Training Programme

SLT, when funding allows, provides bespoke training which has been requested by volunteers. For example: assertiveness training; working well together in a team. All SLT volunteers will be invited to attend any trainings.

SLT also partners with iWork at Islington Council and Adult Community Learning, to give workshops and one to one sessions, as part of SLT’s volunteering training programme.

Volunteer Celebration Events

All SLT volunteers are invited to attend July AGM Celebrations, where outstanding volunteering certificates are given out by trustees, with a special catered menu from a local café.

All SLT Volunteers are invited to an afternoon tea party every November, to meet, eat cake and celebrate their volunteering.

Apply here!

For more information please email info@slt.org.uk or telephone 020 7713 9304

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