Tips for Managing Anxiety

Stuart Low Trust Participants came up with some tips and advice for managing anxiety.

What is anxiety?

Feeling stressed, worried, fearful, panicky or nervous.

How to cope with anxiety:

  • Name it. Express yourself. Explain your feelings – Tell people what is going on.
  • Do some exercise. Walking, running, swimming or whatever makes you feel good and gets you active.
  • Talk to health professions. Get some help and advice.
  • Do things you enjoy. Take time for a long winter walk, watch films, listen to music, be creative with art or read a good book.
  • Maintain regular routines. Do enjoyable activities with people you like spending time with regularly.
  • Focus on your spiritual needs. Try meditation, prayers or reading holy books. Explore your spirituality with relaxation and yoga.
  • Remember its not your faultFeelings of anxiety are common and normal.
  • Keep Busy.

When to get help for anxiety.

Feelings of anxiety at certain times are completely normal, however if anxiety is affecting your daily life or causing distress see your GP doctor.

Talking to your GP about anxiety.

Your GP may ask you questions about:

·      Physical or psychological symptoms and how long you have had them

·      Your worries, fears and emotions

·      Your personal life and issues.

You may find it difficult to talk about your feelings, emotions and personal life.

But it’s important that your GP understands your symptoms and circumstances so the correct diagnosis can be made.

Coping with anxiety

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