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LGBTQ+ History Month: February 2023

LGBT+ History month celebrates diversity and promotes equality for all. LGBT+ History month: Raises…Read more

Hoarding Awareness Support

Written by Megan Karnes, Chair of Trustee’s, HoardingUK If we accept that 2-5% of…Read more

March Awareness Days

In March 2022, we welcome early spring, longer days and more sunlight. Below are…Read more

New Ways for a New Year

In January, choose courage over fear when trying new things. Set yourself some new…Read more

December Optimism Challenge

In December, why not set yourself some goals, no matter how large or small,…Read more

Alcohol Awareness: Raising awareness of the impact of alcohol on our health, wellbeing and relationships

Alcohol Awareness Week raises awareness, campaigns for change, and brings an  opportunity to talk about the harm…Read more

Stress Awareness Day: Stress and Self Help

Stress is part of life. Becoming overwhelmed by stress could lead to mental health issues or make existing issues worse. In this article…Read more

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day takes place on 10 October every year.  Each year, a different…Read more

Members of the Stuart Low Trust Community Give Their Tips For Wellbeing

Over the past year, the UK Government has taken unprecedented measures to keep people…Read more