Hoarding Awareness Support

Written by Megan Karnes, Chair of Trustee’s, HoardingUK

If we accept that 2-5% of the population are experiencing hoarding behaviour, this makes hoarding behaviour the second most prevalent mental health issue.  Only since the clinical recognition in 2013 in the USA, the passage of the Care Act 2014 and the World Health classification in 2018 has this complex psychological difficulty had a place outside of enforcement which sat (and still sits) in tenancy agreements, Housing and Environment Health policies.

Despite being so common, there is little or no systemic support for people who hoard.

Since 2008, HoardingUK has provided a safe place for people who hoard, family, friends and professionals to find a better way forward.

If you want to join a virtual or in-person support group or our free 24 session helpline support, please get in touch.

Email: Admin@hoardinguk.org
Telephone: 0203 239 1600
Website: https://hoardinguk.org/

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