New Ways for a New Year

In January, choose courage over fear when trying new things. Set yourself some new goals, no matter how large or small, to combat the winter. Then celebrate your achievements!

Here are some ideas:

Make a list of new things you want to do this month Try responding to a difficult situation in a different way Use one of your strengths in a new or creative way
Get outside and observe the changes in nature around you. What can you see, hear, taste and smell? Broaden your perspective. Read a new book, newspaper or magazine. Or listen to a new radio channel or watch a new TV programme. Practice some mindful breathing using the 3-4-5 technique. Breathe in for three seconds, hold for four seconds and breathe out for five seconds.
Plan something new, an activity or outing to look forward to in the future Have a change of scene. If you go for a walk today, try going a different route and really notice your surroundings Reflect on your day by writing down what made you smile. Keep your notes safe and read them so you can smile again.
Connect with a friend, family member or colleague in a new way today. Can you try doing one of their hobbies together? Sign up to join a new course, activity, or online group to connect with new people Write a gratitude letter. What are you grateful for? What do you take for granted but really appreciate?
Clean and organise around you and create a ‘Calm Zone’ for you to relax in Keep a mood/feelings journal to write down how you are feeling Set yourself a daily positive affirmation and repeat it to yourself throughout the day
Be creative. Draw, paint, write, or make. Try cooking a new recipe or bake something you have not tried before Draw inspiration from someone or something around you, and use it in a positive way Take time out and do something for you today. What brings you joy or makes you smile?
Take a Digital Detox. Disconnect from your screens today and focus on connecting with yourself Write down your future goals and put them somewhere you can see them every day Perform a random act of kindness today and notice how you feel
Find a new way to support or help a cause you care about Write down 3 positive things that have happened to you today. Big or small Explore your curiosity. Learn about a new topic or inspiring idea
Take a new perspective. Look at life through someone else’s eyes and reflect on what you ‘see’ Forgive and forget. Try putting the past behind you and letting go anything unhelpful Change up your normal routine today and notice how you feel
Try a new way to practice self-care and be kind to yourself Find a new way to be active this week – gentle stretching, yoga, walking in nature Plan your week ahead. Make a to-do list and prioritise the most important.
Whatever you choose to do, believe you can do it. Try tackling a challenge that have you have been putting off When you feel you cannot do something, add the word ‘yet’ to the end of that thought Look for reasons to be hopeful in the coming month
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