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The Stuart Low Trust (SLT) is a health promotion charity based in Islington, north London.

We run a variety of activities to help improve people’s wellbeing, especially those experiencing social isolation or mental distress. These include:

A Friday Evening Event which runs 52 weeks a year and provides an opportunity to socialise, nutritious refreshments and a different presentation or performance each week.

A Saturday Project featuring arts and expression, gentle exercise, relaxation, mindfulness and life skills. 

A Sunday Philosophy Forum, led by experienced philosophers from a variety of backgrounds.

Monthly outings to places of interest in or around the capital.

A weekly Gardening Project at Culpeper Community Garden, Islington.

A programme of narrowboat holidays and trips throughout the summer months.

All our activities are either free or low cost. We welcome participants regardless of their circumstances or area of residence.

No formal arrangements are required to attend our events – just come along and check us out!

Read more about the Stuart Low Trust here.

  • This Friday…

    Friday 6 May – Friday 6 – Smithfield

    Smithfield was the play area of London, a place where joustings and tournaments took place. Wat Tyler, one of the leaders of the Peasants’ Revolt, met King Richard II at Smithfield, where he was stabbed during an altercation with the Lord Mayor of London and subsequently died. During the reign of Mary Tudor, some 200 were burnt there for their religious beliefs and opinions. In 1305 Scottish revolutionary Sir William Wallace was put to death at Smithfield. A livestock market has been on the site since the Twelfth Century. In 1174 it was described by William Fitzstephen, clerk to Thomas à Becket, as “a smooth field where every Friday there is a celebrated rendezvous of fine horses to be sold, and in another corner are placed vendibles of the peasant, swine with their deep flanks and cows and oxen of immense bulk”.

    Come and find out more from City of London Guide Zena Sullivan.

    Full details of all our forthcoming Friday Evening Events here!

  • Friday Evening Event volunteering opportunities

    SLT is currently recruiting for a number of volunteer roles – see here for more details.

  • What is the Stuart Low Trust?

    Find out more about who we are and what we do here.