Brighten someone’s Christmas – Download SLT’s new ‘Guiding Star’ Christmas single NOW

DOWNLOAD and DONATE now to combat social isolation! 

As part of our 20th-anniversary celebrations, The Stuart Low Trust has launched ‘Guiding Star,’ a heart-warming new and original Christmas single. 

Drawing on the unique power of music to unite and uplift, the song promises to be a festive anthem. The single, an original composition by two talented songwriters Jay Serrao and Adam Wilson, reflects SLT’s life-changing approach to mental health.  Jay and Wilson work for SLT and at the same time have professional music careers.  Jay, aka ‘Whiskey General’, also arranged and produced the single, and is the leader singer.

‘Guiding Star’ tells a story of finding hope and strength amidst life’s darkest moments. Adding a personal touch, the choruses of the song has been performed by the SLT Choir, comprising service users, staff, and a trustee ably conducted by Cecilia Forssberg—a poignant demonstration of community support.  Charity members have created beautiful artworks for the single on the theme of ‘Guiding Star’. 


 Huge thanks to Amelia Hartley at Banijay, a multinational entertainment company, for her support to produce the single.

 Join The Stuart Low Trust in spreading joy, combating isolation, and making this Christmas truly special. Together, let’s be the guiding star! 


Who needs your help? 

 Londoners struggling with their mental health, isolated and living in poverty have been pushed to their limit by the cost-of-living crisis.  They need your help urgently now. 

 78% of people say the cost-of-living crisis is impacting mental health – worse for those with existing mental health problems. 

 Isolation shortens lives. Social isolation is as damaging to your health as smoking or alcohol abuse. It reduces life expectancy.  Isolation is one of the risk factors for suicide.   


About SLT 

Stuart Low was a young Islington man with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, who sadly took his own life.  He couldn’t find the right support at the right time when he needed it most.  Stuart’s death mobilised Londoners to create The Stuart Low Trust (SLT) in 1999.  Their aim was to create social therapeutic activities for isolated Londoners at risk.   Islington is one of the most deprived boroughs in England with high some of the highest levels of severe mental health problems in the country. 


How could your donation help? 

 The Stuart Low Trust aims to break down the barriers of isolation by being free, open to everyone and available on evenings and weekends. 

 Your donation will enable isolated Londoners experiencing mental health problems and living in poverty to connect with others through FREE social activities and make new friendships. 

  • £10 will enable us to reach 50 more isolated Londoners via publicity  
  • £20 will pay for a Time to Talk session enabling 12 isolated Londoners to connect socially.  
  • £50 will enable 12 isolated Londoners to benefit from a social event. 


How can you help NOW? 

  •  It’s simple! DOWNLOAD the single and DONATE to SLT now via our music collaborator Jay Serrao’s band ‘Whiskey General’ on Bandcamp, NOW AVAILABLE.
  •  SHARE our campaign NOW with anyone you feel may want to support SLT’s work. 


Find out more about our work 

Enjoy these videos about our Arts, Nature and Friday Evening Event programmes


The Stuart Low Trust is different: 

We remove labels.
We challenge stigma.  

We are open to all.
We are available out of hours.
We are a community. 


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