Art Visits

Stuart Low Trust organise regular group outings and visits to places of cultural, artistic…Read more

SLT’s ‘Material World’ Gallery

Stuart Low Trust provides a diverse range of Arts programmes to provide opportunities for exploration…Read more

Conservation For Wellbeing

The Stuart Low Trust is delighted to announce a new Arts project ‘Conservation for…Read more

National Youth Theatre and Stuart Low Trust: A new Partnership for Younger Adults

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SLT’s Participants’ Poetry Corner

“I read and write poetry, mostly daily. It makes me feel many varied feelings.…Read more

Art Visits

Stuart Low Trust organise regular group outings and visits to places of artistic interest. Recent trips…Read more

SLT’s Nature Visits Gallery

Stuart Low Trust provides Nature visits to various different gardens, parks and reserves in…Read more

Camley Street Natural Park: A new partnership with London Wildlife Trust

In March 2022, SLT were delighted to partner with London Wildlife Trust, as part…Read more

Younger People’s Project

The Stuart Low Trust has identified a gap in provision for ‘younger people’, aged…Read more

Mindfulness in Nature

There is a growing body of evidence to show that spending time in nature…Read more

Nature tours with Chris the Happy Gardener

Join Chris the Happy Gardener on some virtual nature tours, as he explores parks…Read more