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Stuart Low Trust provides Nature visits to various different gardens, parks and reserves in London. These include London Wildlife Trust’s Camley Street Natural Park, Mildmay Community Centre Gardens, Sunnyside Community Gardens, Freightliners Farm and Kew Gardens (and many more!). These visits bring together a diverse group of local people, they encourage learning and the cultivation of new skills, whilst spending time in beautiful environments in the outdoors.

For more information about our Nature programme, please visit our Nature Programme pages here.

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London Wildlife Trust’s Camley Street Natural Park

Camley Street Natural Park is run by the London Wildlife Trust. On the banks of Regent’s Canal, the reserve is a haven for plants and wildlife. The woodland, grassland and wetland habitats provide a home for mallards, coots, kingfishers, herons, amphibians and insects, not to mention a rich variety of plant life and rare fungi.


A visit to Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is a World-famous botanic garden in southwest London. It houses the largest, most diverse botanical and mycological collections in the world.

Founded in 1840, from the exotic garden at Kew Park, its living collections include some of the 27,000 taxa curated by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, while the herbarium, one of the largest in the world, has over 8.5 million preserved plant and fungal specimens.

A visit to Regents Park Frieze Sculpture Exhibition

Frieze Sculpture is a major public Art Exhibition in London’s Regent’s Park. Curated by Clare Lilley (Yorkshire Sculpture Park Director) for the tenth consecutive year, the display features 19 large-scale works by artists including John Giorno, Ro Robertson and Ugo Rondinone and forms part of the new Sculpture Week London. It brings together the world’s leading galleries to celebrate the creative spirit of the city.  No two Frieze Sculptures are the same but all are a paean to sculpture in the open air. 

The 2022 display engages with a number of themes; works by Robert Indiana, John Giorno, John Wood and Paul Harrison, and Tim Etchells are structured as texts, conveying messages that merge poetry and political messages. The poetic-political plays out further in the work of Péju Alatise and Ro Robertson, whose gazes turn to female and non-binary healing in nature, and Shaikha al Mazrou, Beverly Pepper and Ida Ekblad create ambitious sculptures that are charged with the sensibility of women. The importance of coming together – as community and as a social voice – is conveyed in works by Marinella Senatore, Pablo Reinoso, and Ron Arad. Finally, as our world looks with uncertainty into the near future, works by Alicja Kwade, George Rickey, Emma Hart and NS Harsha conjure the universal and spiritual, whilst folklore and mythology are explored by Matthew Darbyshire and Jordy Kerwick.   

Mildmay Community Centre Gardens

Mildmay Community Centre is a multi-functional facility that brings the local community together, to reduce social isolation and improve community cohesion. 

Mildmay community garden offers opportunities for local people to connect with others, make a positive change in their environment and learn how to grow fruit and veg.  Mildmay believe the garden is a place for building community. Growing food locally can have a positive impact in our neighbourhood and on our mental health. 


Other Nature Visits and Places of Natural interest

We’ve been exploring different parks and gardens across the borough. From Sunnyside Community Gardens and Gillespie Park, to Kew, Freightliners Farm and The Regent’s Canal!  

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