Camley Street Natural Park: A new partnership with London Wildlife Trust

In March 2022, SLT were delighted to partner with London Wildlife Trust, as part of our Nature Programme.  

SLT are running visits and guided walks to this hidden gem of natural wildlife, twice a month.  Each visit focuses on a different theme each time, such as wildfowl; pond life; flora and fauna, or a woodland circle meditation. We also see how the site changes with each season and what’s new to discover. There is something for everyone to enjoy.  

All our friendly visits finish with tea and conversation in the lovely café setting at Camley Street.  Why not join us? 


“SLT’s partnership with LWT is a timely opportunity to bring vulnerable people into contact with nature in a rare and precious urban reserve at time of recovery from the pandemic and threats posed by climate change”

– Adam Wilson, Development Manager 

About Camley Street Natural Park  

Hidden in the heart of Kings Cross, London Wildlife Trust’s Camley Street Natural Park was created from an old Coal Yard in 1984. With two acres of wild green space, it is in the middle of a densely populated area of London. It is hard to believe that you are next to one of the busiest rail interchanges in the country.  

On the banks of Regent’s Canal, it is a haven for plants and wildlife. The woodland, grassland and wetland habitats are home for mallards, coots, kingfishers, herons, amphibians and insects, plus a rich variety of plant life and rare fungi. 

What is London Wildlife Trust? 

London Wildlife Trust (LWT), founded in 1981, is the only charity, solely dedicated to protecting the capital’s wildlife and wild spaces. LWT shares SLT’s values and ethos, to engage, inspire and provide opportunity for connection with nature and community. LWT’s vision is ‘a London alive with nature, where everyone can experience and enjoy wildlife’. 

The importance of Nature 

Participatory nature activities are known to increase wellbeing and alleviate anxiety. Being in nature bring feelings of engagement and connection to the outside world. Nature-based activities enhance vitality, physical health and emotional wellbeing. During the pandemic, millions of people have re-discovered just that – that access to nature is both crucial and beneficial for our mental health. 


“I always knew that nature makes a real difference to the quality of people’s daily lives. The partnership with SLT is proving it. I noticed on many occasions how participants who are quiet and shy at the beginning of our wildlife walks at CSNP  are opening and suddenly getting chatty and cheerful while we are exploring this amazing urban nature reserve together.  

There are no doubts that contact with nature and the outdoors improves physical health and mental wellbeing. Nature is an important need for many and vital in keeping us emotionally healthy.”

– Karolina Leszczynska-Gogol, Camley Street Manager

I would like to attend. What do I do? 

If you would like to attend one of our visits to Camley Street Natural Park, please email or call 020 7713 9304Places are limited, booking essential. 

“Watching the birds has a calming effect on me. I didn’t know this place exist, I’ll bring my friend here next week”.

– SLT Participant

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