Cady: I am proud to be a volunteer

I started volunteering as a Friday evening assistant for The Stuart Low Trust in May 2015. Since then, I have thoroughly enjoyed the company of the many people who come for the social events. Personally, I have battled with schizophrenia for over 20 years now and it’s nice to see a few familiar faces at The Stuart Low Trust.

As well as the Friday evenings, I have attended the outings to Kew Gardens, The Geoffrey Museum, The Estorick Gallery and also Tai Chi & Chi Kung (part of the Saturday Summer project) which I have immensely enjoyed!

I was overwhelmed by the certificate for outstanding volunteering and the invitation to The Queen’s Award ceremony. I showed friends and family the photographs that were taken on the day. They were so proud of me.

I’m hoping to continue working for SLT, catering for the service users and essentially making sure that performances and presentations go ahead with my support. I find the events to be so educational and stimulating.

There is so much going on at SLT. I’m so pleased that I have been recruited to join a fantastic team of staff, volunteers and people with or without mental health problems.

Update 2020

Since writing this case study, I’ve become increasingly involved in the art world. In addition to my volunteering at SLT, I also volunteer at the Estorick and have participated in art shows. In February 2020 my work was featured in the ‘Loudest Whispers’ show. I am keen to share my artwork; people can see my painting on my Instagram.

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