Twenty Minutes to Better Resilience

For many of us, this has been the most challenging year of our lives. We are living through huge uncertainty, with lockdowns and restrictions often keeping us away from the people we love. It has never been more important for us to take care of our mental health to deal with and adapt to these challenges.

Our ability to adapt well to the stress of life, as well as being able to bounce back from adversity, crises or trauma, is often referred to as emotional resilience.

We aren’t born resilient and it isn’t a fixed personality trait, it is something we all can learn and improve over our lifetime. Strong relationships are really important for building resilience. So is exercise and doing things that you enjoy.

Thrive LDN has worked with Dr Radha Modgil – a practising NHS GP, broadcaster & campaigner for wellbeing – to develop a short training film to help strengthen emotional resilience through positive strategies, which are tried and tested by Londoners like you.

Resilience starts with focusing on what you can control, essential when we are surrounded by so much uncertainty. The training tool will take you through different things you can do and simple techniques for ‘topping up’ your resilience, including:

  • Connecting with yourself, reflecting, building resilience through difficult situations
  • Seeking out activities that bring joy (for example, music and arts, creative writing)
  • Connecting with others and reaching out for support (either through family, friends or wider community or faith groups)
  • Connecting with the environment through green spaces
  • Volunteering
  • Finding different ways to keep active
  • Practicing self-care and prioritising sleep

“In just 20 minutes, I hope that you can find just one or two simple strategies and ideas that will work for you. We are living through huge uncertainty which is why it has never been more important for us to take care of our mental health to deal with and adapt to these challenges.” – Dr Radha

Watch the 20 minute training video to Better Emotional Resilience with Dr Radha, here:

Author: ThriveLDN.

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