The Stuart Low Trust runs a friendly community choir. We are delighted to announce the return of our face-to-face choir from October 2022. Classes will now take place fortnightly at a new location near Old Street. The choir is led by Cici, an experienced choral conductor and an accomplished musician. 

Music Appreciation classes will continue on Zoom for now, to allow our programmes to be accessible for those who still feel a little uncertain about taking part in face-to-face activities, or find travelling difficult. 

The Choir performs modern and traditional music, with recent events at Culpeper Garden and regular performances at SLT’s Friday evening event.

The choir tutor brings an enthusiastic and encouraging approach, with an empathetic and warm style to tackling new and more challenging pieces of music.

Read her tips on getting started with singing, the befits of singing together and why she loves singing!  

Tips for those who would like to get started with singing  

It can be a bit daunting when trying to start singing. Here are my tips help you start crooning, humming and warbling:  

  1. Warm up before starting to sing Start moving your body and humming and mooing some notes to get the body prepared to sing.  When we are nervous or tense it makes it harder to sing so relax and enjoy the moment.  
  2. Feel free to make sounds at home: One of the great things about singing at home is that the space is yours and you can do what you like in it. It doesn’t matter what sounds you make, just start making them!  
  3. Listening to songs you enjoy and practicing singing along to songs you love: You may find it easier to start singing along whilst you are doing other tasks, like the washing up or packing your shopping away. This is a great way to make these chores more enjoyable and to practice making sounds.  
  4. Join an online choir: Singing online is different from singing in a group of people as no-one can hear you and you can set your session up so people can’t see you 

What are the benefits of being together whilst singing?  

There are real benefits of singing together. The people who attend the Stuart Low choir tell me that they enjoy getting together with a group of people to do the same thing at the same time. This gives them a sense of belonging and connection with others. They also feel like taking some time to do something that they enjoy is part of how they look after themselves.” Said Cici.   

What our participants say

“It’s relaxed and welcoming and we sing songs from around the world”.

Be part our Choir

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