Looking After Your Body During Online Activities

During the COVID-19 pandemic lots of organisations, including the Stuart Low Trust, are trying to deliver their activities online.

It’s important to look after your body when sitting at computers, laptops or tablets for extended periods of time. Look at our guide below:

Check your setup

Find a place in your home with good internet connection, where you can sit up straight and comfortably with your device’s screen at eye level.

Choose a comfortable chair

Sit in a chair that facilitates proper body alignment, providing support for your back and lower body.

Look after your eyes

Ensure you have a good amount of light in the room so that you don’t strain your eyes – look into the distance e.g. 20ft away to relax short sight eye muscles.

Move regularly

Screen time can be tiring, we recommend a break about every 20mins where people can move around – roll shoulders, stretch or get up and walk across the room.

TV+Computer= large screen activity

Connecting your computer, laptop or tablet to a big screen TV will give you better sound and vision.

Additional Tech

You may want to invest in a separate keyboard and mouse if you find your laptop keyboard too small and trackpad hard to use. Headphones can also be useful for enhanced sound quality.

Take a comfort break

If anyone needs the toilet they should go on mute and switch off their video, leave the device on and charging and open, go to the toilet and come back.

More information 

Find out more information about looking after your body during online activities:

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