Diversity is our Strength this Pride Month

Pride month takes place every June. It commemorates the month of Stonewall riots, protests that inspired the movement for LGBTQ+ rights in America and beyond. The month focuses on recognising how far LGBTQ+ rights have come, recognising that there is still work to be done in some places and continuing to move forward in equality.

This year’s theme is based on Pride in London’s values of Visibility, Unity and Equality – for all communities, and recognising how the Black, Asian and minority ethnic community has been instrumental in championing LGBTQ+ rights.

At Stuart Low Trust, we recognise that the Black, Asian and minority ethnic community has made significant contributions to that movement as well as Islington and wider society.

Stuart Low Trust opposes any form of prejudice, oppression or injustice and recognise the negative lasting impact that it has on mental health and wellbeing.

For many Pride celebrations and events that take place across the month the emphasis may be on fun, but it’s also the perfect time to think about and discuss issues related to the gay rights movement, especially as it gets more attention from the media during this time — from gay marriage and adoption to transgender rights. Although huge strides have been made for equality over recent years, we all still have a long way to go. Pride Month is a great opportunity to learn about the fight for what’s right, and to pitch in as well.

In these difficult times, and as society slowly begins to re-emerge from lockdowns, isolation and restriction, be kind to yourselves and others. Seek help if you feel affected by these issues or are overwhelmed by the images in the media.

Diversity is our strength! Take courage from that.

Celebrating local LGBTQ+ heritage

Islington’s Pride is installing heritage plaques across the borough to celebrate Islington’s place as the home of LGBTQ+ rights in Britain. You can wander the trails between the different plaques, ranging from individuals, organisations, and venues, to find out about all the rich LGBTQ+ history right here in Islington.

The first plaque, at Islington Town Hall, celebrates Bob Crossman, who became the first openly gay mayor in the UK in 1986. Arsenal fans the Gay Gooners, pioneering trans lawyer Sonia Burgess, the home of legendary LGBTQ+ helpline Switchboard, pubs and clubs such as the Carved Red Lion and Trade at Turnmills, London’s first trans councillor Osh Gantly, and the home of campaigning group Stonewall will all feature on plaques installed in the coming weeks.

Discover more here.

Support and further information

Check out our Pride Month resources for more information and support.

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