Celebrating LGBT History Month 2020 with Art

Celebrating LGBT History Month 2020 with Art

One of the UK’s most colourful art exhibitions, ‘Loudest Whispers’, returns and  is a chance for LGBT+ artists – both established and amateur – to showcase their work.

LGBT History Month

LGBT History Month occurs during February each year. It consists of events all over the UK celebrating the achievements of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. We shine a spotlight on LGBT people and culture and encourage discussion about the experience of the LGBT community.

Celebrations in Camden and Islington

There is an array of events taking place in Camden and Islington, all focusing on the theme of ‘Poetry, Prose and Plays’. You can take part in guided walks in Islington, to LGBT+ under-fives’ story book mornings; from plays by LGBT writers to queer poetry readings; there is something for everyone. Click on the link to see a programme of events. https://forumplus.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/LGBTHM20.pdf

 ‘Loudest Whispers’

Loudest Whispers aims to reflect the theme of the nationwide LGBT+ History Month. This year Marius Els provides the key installation presented at the entrance of the gallery.

The Arts Project’s Loudest Whispers exhibition began 11 years ago with 14 artists and is now attracting 51 artists. It has become well known in London and wider afield, with submissions coming from across Europe. They have a reputation for supportive concept enabling and championing LGBT+ artists. This is particularly important because there are still outlets for LGBT artists who have a sense of isolation. For some, this may be linked to feeling or being marginalised in the wider London art scene while for others it is a safe environment to express artwork reflecting LGBT lifestyle, social history and our private interior lives in a public context.

Supporting LGBT Artists

Loudest Whispers is a chance for LGBT+ artists – both established and outsider self-taught  – to showcase their work, exploring themes such as identity and life-changing experiences.

The work from LGBT artists can be challenging; the subject matter needs to be carefully chosen given the exhibition space is in a hospital.

In the last decade, Loudest Whispers has produced 3 artists who have had work accepted by the Royal Academy Summer Show and National Gallery BP Portrait Competition. Over the years we have seen artists grow in confidence and artworks mature; this blossoming is fantastic to witness. The gallery also has a reputation for effective well curated exhibitions involving a range of mixed media and the artists are a broad mix of professional and self-taught outsider artists.

Loudest Whispers promotes the unique work of forum+ a charity working to improve the lives of LGBT+ in Camden, Islington and the surrounding boroughs. Their services support the LGBT+, including by helping victims of homophobic, biphobic or transphobic harassment or hate crime.

Artists who will be showcasing their work at the exhibition include established LW artists:  Willem De Bruijn, Simon Richardson, Michael Bolstridge, Jaime Freestone, CJ Crosland, Edward Mendelsohn, Lucy Martin, Marion Hack, Iggy Miranda and Luis Ruocco. New artists we welcome include Sokari Higgwe, David Lloyd, Molly Maher, Jack Smith, Dean Stockings, Nicholas Sweet-Rogers and Mark Edmonds and Cady Stone, a key member of the Stuart Low Trust Team.

Loudest Whispers is based in Conference Centre of St Pancras Hospital, part of the Camden and Islington Foundation Trust, who support mental health care in Camden and Islington. The exhibition gives opportunities to creative artists and staff linked to mental health.

We would also like to thank the Stuart Low Trust for their visit on 19th February.

Written by:

Peter Herbert, Curator Manager- The Arts Project

Exhibition details:

Address:  The Gallery Space, Conference Centre, St Pancras Hospital, 4 St Pancras Way, London, NW1 0PE

Opening times: 9am and 6pm.The cafeteria closes at 3pm.



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