We would like to update you on our current response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the easing of lockdown.   

Our activities  

Since March 2020 the Stuart Low Trust has suspended all face to face activities. As a result, we started delivering our activities differently. SLT’s Philosophy Forum first trialled Zoom. Then other activities were rolled out virtually, e.g. Choir and Saturday workshops including half hour Mindfulness videos, so participants have tools at home to support their mental health. 

Technology has been carefully researched in order to use what we believe to be the safest platforms for participants. A Technology Safety Statement and Technology Guidelines for participants were produced. 

We have also sent our postal mailings with a list of support services that our participants can access, a questionnaire about what they need and an update on our services.  

Easing of social distancing  

The government has recently announced an easing of its social distancing measures. We know that people may have a range of feelings about these changes. We recognise that some people may feel worried about going out or may not want to make plans just yet. Some members of the Stuart Low Trust may have lost people they know during this time and are grieving. Others may have had Coronavirus (COVID-19) and are still recovering from its after effects 

We know some members of the Stuart Low Trust community may want to take time to re-engage with the organisation. We want those people to know that that is fine; don’t worry about feeling like others are making plans or that you might be left out. Stuart Low Trust will be here, delivering virtual activities until we feel it is safe to return to face to face activities.  

Listening and understanding our members feelings  

We take the health, wellbeing and safety of our participants, volunteers and staff extremely seriously. Stuart Low Trust is adhering to government guidelines and is communicating with our delivery partners regularly. We are presently developing an understanding of the steps that may need to be taken in order to move towards re-opening our activities.  

We would like to hear from our participants to find their thoughts on our return to face-to-face activities. In particular, we want to know about what we can do to make people feel more comfortable and less anxious about attending our activities.  

Members of the Stuart Low Trust community can share their views here: https://stuartlowtrust.typeform.com/to/BFpisk

We will be consulting with our staff and volunteers so that we can also understand their feelings about a return to face to face delivery. Once we have completed this period of listening, we can begin to plan a way forward. This process may take some time and we will update you with the latest developments.