In December, why not set yourself some goals, no matter how large or small, to combat the winter. Then celebrate your achievements!


Here are some ideas:

Write down 3 things you can look forward to this month 

Find something to be optimistic about

Take a small step towards a goal that really matters to you 

Remind yourself that things can change for the better 

Be a realistic optimist. See life as it is, but focus on what is good 

Start your day with the most important thing on your to-do list 
Look for the good in people around you today 

Make some progress on a project or task you have been avoiding 

Share an important goal with someone you trust 

Avoid blaming yourself or others. Find a helpful way forward 

Look out for positive news and a reason to smile today 

Take time to reflect on what you have accomplished this week 

Ask for help to overcome an obstacle you are facing 

Do something constructive to improve a difficult situation 

Thank yourself for achieving things you often take for granted 

Identify one of your positive qualities that will be helpful in the future 

Take a small step towards a positive change you want to see in society 

Put down your to-do list and do something uplifting or fun 

Set hopeful but realistic goals for the week ahead 

Find joy in tackling a task you have put off for some time 

Let go of the expectations of others and focus on what matters to you 

Find a new perspective on a problem you face 

Recognise that you have a choice about what to prioritise  

Write down 3 things that have gone well recently 

Be kind to yourself today.  

Plan a fun or exciting activity to look forward to 

You can’t do everything! What are your 3 priorities this week? 

Ask yourself, will this still matter a year from now? 

Share a hopeful quote, picture or video with a friend, family member or colleague 

Identify 3 things that give you hope for the future 

Set a goal that brings a sense of purpose for the coming month 

Celebrate who you are and your achievements

Think about all the things you are grateful for in your life