Stuart Low Trust provides Nature visits to various different gardens, parks and reserves in London. These include London Wildlife Trust's Camley Street Natural Park, Mildmay Community Centre Gardens, Sunnyside Community Gardens, Freightliners Farm and Kew Gardens (and many more!). These visits bring together a diverse group of local people, they encourage learning and the cultivation of new skills, whilst spending time in beautiful environments in the outdoors. 

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London Wildlife Trust's Camley Street Natural Park

Camley Street Natural Park is run by the London Wildlife Trust. On the banks of Regent’s Canal, the reserve is a haven for plants and wildlife. The woodland, grassland and wetland habitats provide a home for mallards, coots, kingfishers, herons, amphibians and insects, not to mention a rich variety of plant life and rare fungi.

Mildmay Community Centre Gardens

Mildmay Community Centre is a multi-functional facility that brings the local community together, to reduce social isolation and improve community cohesion. 

Mildmay community garden offers opportunities for local people to connect with others, make a positive change in their environment and learn how to grow fruit and veg.  Mildmay believe the garden is a place for building community. Growing food locally can have a positive impact in our neighbourhood and on our mental health. 

Sunnyside Community Gardens

Sunnyside Community Gardens were developed and opened by a group of local people in 1978. Over the years local residents have developed Sunnyside into a beautiful organic garden, designated as a site of importance for nature conservation, with a wildlife pond. Local volunteers still maintain the gardens in all their beauty.