Poetry is a form of expression that spans millennia.

Writing poetry ourselves lets us explore our feelings and thoughts. Reading it helps us to connect, find meaning in our experiences, or think differently about the world and each other.   

 … and we at SLT know everyone’s a poet at heart! Whether with pen and paper, or the latest technology, we are encouraging you to send in your verses, stanzas and sonnets for publication on our Poetry Corner page.  

We also plan to bring you a series of free workshops and to publish a pamphlet of your poems. If you or anyone you know would help us in making this a reality, please make a donation here.

Why Poetry at Stuart Low Trust?

Poetry is part of SLT’s wider Arts Programme. Arts and expression is widely known to benefit vulnerable adults with mental health issues, through increased positive outlook, feeling less isolated and a greater sense of wellbeing.

What our participants say 

"I read and write poetry, mostly daily. It makes me feel many varied feelings. It's part of my life. For many years it has supported my wellbeing. It's learning about language and all aspects of humanity. 

Writing and reading is a source of expression and communication. If facilitated in as egalitarian way as possible, it brings co-operation. It requires a level of trust but then so does any group activity."

- SLT participant

Take action: What can you do right now

Please use the donate and fundraising buttons above to support this appeal. We are grateful for any donations received, large or small. Thank you.

As a small charity, the Stuart Low Trust relies on grants and individual donations to be able to continue provision of its award-winning activities for vulnerable adults.