Coronavirus poses a serious threat to the most vulnerable in our communities. The social distancing crucial to combatting the pandemic will exacerbate the already significant public health issues of isolation, loneliness and poor mental and physical health. This will have a significant, lasting, negative impact on people of all ages. 

SLT’s activities address social isolation through bringing people together. While people cannot at present come together because of social distancing, we are rapidly developing ways to support people through this difficult time and long after it. This includes using phone, online and postal mailout, working with partners to reach as many people as possible and responding to changing needs in a challenging environment.   

Outcomes for our participants will include gaining a more positive outlook, feeling less isolated and having a greater sense of wellbeing 

Take action 

As a small charity, the Stuart Low Trust relies on grants and individual donations to be able to continue providing our award-winning activities and develop new services for vulnerable people affected by this situation.  

Please use the donate and fundraising buttons above to support this appeal. We are grateful for any donations received, large or small.