Pride month takes place every June. It commemorates the month of Stonewall riots, protests that inspired the movement for LGBT+ rights in America and beyond. The month focuses on recognising how far LGBT+ rights have come, recognising that there is still work to be done in some places and continuing to move forward in equality.

June 2020 has started with worldwide Black Lives Matters protests, which campaigns against violence and systemic racism towards black people.

This year’s pride month is focusing on how the Black, Asian and minority ethnic community has been instrumental championing LGBT+ rights.

At the Stuart Low Trust, we recognise that the Black, Asian and minority ethnic community has made significant contributions to that movement as well as Islington and wider society.

We oppose any form of prejudice, oppression or injustice and recognise the negative lasting impact that it has on mental health and wellbeing.
In these difficult times, be kind to yourselves and others. Seek help if you feel affected by these issues or are overwhelmed by the images in the media.

Diversity is our strength! Take courage from that.

Support and more information

Check out our Pride 2020 resources for more information and support.