Tokens in Tesco

We’re in Tesco! Every Tesco in Islington has a donation box where shoppers can drop tokens in support of Stuart Low Trust. 

Tokens are given out at the checkout and can be dropped in the slot marked with our name. At the end of February, the tokens will be counted and the trust will receive a donation. The more tokens shoppers drop in the boxes, the better our chance of a bigger donation.  

Cady, our Friday Night Assistant, feels it’s important  to donate to the Bags of Taste scheme.

“It warms my heart to know that I can make a difference to SLT through Bags of Taste. I find it really easy to drop my token into the SLT slot after I’ve done my shopping.”

Brian donating to Bags of Help at Tesco.

Our Friday Night Event volunteer, Brian, tells us how easy it is to donate to SLT through Tesco’s Bags of Help Scheme- see above.

“It’s as easy as 123, ABC! Just ask for a token at the checkout, when you are paying for your shopping and then find the Bags of Help donation box and drop it in the slot that says Stuart Low Trust.”

“Tesco are very supportive of The Stuart Low Trust. We have been shopping there for many years for our Friday Evening Events. It’s wonderful to be supported by a national business, locally,” said Hannah Kalmanowitz, Chief Executive of SLT.   

Bags of Help runs until February 28th 2019 so get donating!  

Find out more about this initiative here:

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