Flash vs. Godzilla – and the winner is SLT!

No, it’s not the latest superhero face-off – just good-natured team rivalry at Sunday’s Big Fun Run in Victoria Park!

You’d be forgiven for expecting Kate Giblin, dressed as super-speed superhero The Flash, to have streaked ahead of her fellow Stuart Low Trust trustee Kat Millward – encumbered by an inflatable dinosaur outfit – in the annual 5k event.

But in fact it was our Kat-osaurus who was the first of the five strong SLT team to cross the finish line – possibly the fact that her costume failed to inflate on the day gave her a competitive edge!

“I was disappointed as a seven foot Tyrannosaurus Rex is much more impressive than a saggy dinosaur with a human head!” Kat said. “The bonus was that it was much easier to run in that way! The run itself was great – I got to chase some children, make spectators laugh and chat to some lovely people about why the Stuart Low Trust is so wonderful. It was tricky to make sure my tail didn’t get trodden on at the start though!”

Of her costumed capers Kate said: “I had the most fun in that Flash costume. It was ridiculous – and not at all becoming – but all the little kids on the course kept running past me and then saying ‘I beat the Flash! In the end, the rain stayed away and though we all ran at different paces we finished with smiles on our faces – and we raised more than £1,300 for SLT!”

Our grateful thanks to our other super-heroic team members Rita Fernandez, Joannis Frangoullides and Jonathan Giblin, whose amazing efforts have boosted us to 70% of our sponsorship target.

Please help us reach – or exceed! – our £1,500 goal by making an online donation.  All funds  will be used to continue our popular Saturday Project series of gentle exercise, mindfulness, relaxation and social skills workshops.

Pre-warm up (L-R): SLT volunteers Julia Howe and Traci Lia; SLT trustees Kat Millward and Kate Giblin; SLT team member Jonathan Giblin, and SLT Volunteer Co-ordinator Ahmed Qazi.
(L-R): Kat and Kate cossied up, with Jonathan, Ahmed and SLT team member Rita Fernandez.
Warm up! It’s not clear if the dinosaur head malfunction had been discovered by this point, but Kat doesn’t appear deflated – and neither does teammate Rita!
“Flash, a-ah, saviour of the universe!”. (We may be mixing up our superheroes here).
Joannis Frangoullides sports his Finisher’s Medal.
Kat in rehearsals!


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