Community Resourcing Programme

Many of you may have seen a few new women at our events over the last several months. Maud, Pamela, Rebecca and Kate have been working with SLT as part of a programme called Community Resourcing (CoRe). The programme matches volunteers with corporate skills to charities like ours who need some support in marketing, HR, legal and other functions.

Back in May, after an initial discovery session to set out our main needs, the CoRe group started work on our key project: building a new website for SLT. The team has worked with the BMJ technical team to help refine the structure and develop the content and features for the new site.

In addition, the team has worked on recruitment of a new volunteer coordinator, and streamlining some our office processes so Robert and Hannah can spend more time on expanding our programme of events. These include a new way to sign up to volunteer, through We’ll be sharing more information about that in the coming weeks.

The CoRe programme has been a real success for SLT. Not only will we have a new website, we have a new trustee and Treasurer. Rachael Smith, who led the initial discovery session, joined the trustees in October. We’re really pleased to have her on board.

And finally, through working with the CoRe programme, we were nominated to be the Charity of the Year for one of the Macquarie Groups business teams. Through the course of the year, they will support SLT with fundraising, volunteering and more. I’m sure you’ll see them in the next few months as well.

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